5 Common Idioms about Happiness

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What are the most common idioms about happiness?

We learn idioms and phrases in English because they allow us to become more fluent in English. So, as an English learner, if you are trying to learn English, you will need to learn some English idioms that are used in everyday conversations.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to express feelings of happiness and joy to other people, and that’s why we’ll learn some phrases and idioms that are used to express happiness and how we feel.

Let’s take a look at some

1. On cloud nine

If you are on cloud nine, this doesn’t mean that you are literally standing on a cloud! No! It simply means that you are extremely happy because something wonderful happened.

  • Jenna has been on cloud nine since she found out about her pregnancy.
  • When the director announced my promotion, I was on cloud nine.
  • She will be on cloud nine when she hears about the good news.

You can also use similar expressions like this one such as “in seventh heaven” or “on top of the world“.

2. Full of the joys of spring

To be full of the joys of spring is another way to say that you’re very happy. This is a British expression that most people use in a humorous way to describe someone who is both happy and energetic.

Sometimes you just wake up and you’re very happy and full of energy, but you don’t actually know the reason why you’re so happy. You can describe yourself here as full of the joys of spring.

  • Jane will be full of the joys of spring when she passes her exams.
  • What makes you full of the joys of spring on a Monday morning?
  • He’ll be full of the joys of spring when he finds out that his wife is pregnant.
  • This beautiful weather makes me full of the joys of spring.

Another similar idiom that you can use is “be dancing in the street“, which means to be very happy about an event that happened in your life.

3. Grinning from ear to ear

Have you ever seen someone who laughs so much that his mouth is wide open until it almost reaches his ears? Well, here’s an idiom that describes this kind of laugh or smile. If you’re grinning from ear to ear, you look so happy and you have a broad smile on your face.

  • “I finally bought the car I’ve always dreamed about!” John said, grinning from ear to ear.
  • She was watching the movie carefully, grinning from ear to ear.
  • The beggar smiled from ear to ear when we gave him some money.

You can also say “be all smiles” to describe someone who looks so happy and friendl, especially when you don’t expect this person to look happy.

4. On top of the world

We all have this feeling of extreme joy and happiness that we feel like we’re flying and the whole world under are feet. You can describe this happiness by saying “I’m on top of the world” to say that you’re so happy and pleased that you can’t even contain your joy. This is another way of saying “extremely happy” which you can use to describe your happiness.

  • All my life I’ve been dreaming about buying a mansion. Now that I have it, I’m on top of the world!
  • I will be on top of the world when I travel the world and visit my favorite places.
  • She was on top of the world when she won the match.

When you add “sit” to the idiom, the meaning becomes slightly different. If you’re “sitting on top of the world”, you have the whole world under your control; you’re in a very powerful position or state of advantage.

  • My father isn’t just some random lawyer; he’s literally sitting on top of the world.
  • Leylah has worked hard for what she has today. She’s always wanted to sit on top of the world.
  • With all the power and money you have, you’ll sit on top of the world.

5. Walking on air

We cannot walk on air, can we? But imagine the moments when you just feel so great and happy that you just want to fly and hit the ceiling! You can describe this feeling using “walking on air”. If you’re walking on air, you feel like you’re floating and you get this feeling of lightness inside.

You can never use the present simple “walk on air” or the past simple “walked on air”. Only the present participle “walking on air” is possible when you use this idiom, so be careful!

  • The holiday starts today, and I’m sure the kids will be walking on air.
  • She had a painful birth, but once she held the baby in her arms, she was walking on air.
  • You’ll be walking on air when you hear the good news I have for you!

I hope this article helped you learn some idioms about happiness that you can use in your future convesations. Using idiomatic expressions and phrases make you sound more natural in your coversations and helps you improve your vocabulary.

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Happiness Idioms

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