9 Secrets To Improve Your Speaking Skills

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What are some secrets to improve your speaking skills?

English is one of the most spoken languages. The first largely spoken language being Chinese.

We would agree on the fact, however, that English remains one language which no matter if you are Hindi speaking, French or German, unites you and lets you engage in conversations. Such is the beauty of English and binds everyone together.

It’s quite possible for your workplace to have English as its official language, adding a tad bit of pressure on you to master the communicative aspect of it.

This article will help you with a few tips on how to improve your speaking/ conversational skills. However, remember that you can achieve fluency in the language without making it all work and no play.

We all have heard that pronunciation is something that is very important. But it is not just that.

So, without any further delay, let’s sum up the tips that we’re going to talk about to improve your speaking:

1.    Vocabulary

2.    Pronunciation

3.    Listen

4.    Practice

5.    Confidence

6.    Speech shadowing

7.    Mirror speech

8.    Attend events

9.    Apps


It is always a good idea to learn a lot of words and their usages.

Make a habit of learning at least one word each day. This way you’d have learnt 365-366 words by one year which is still process at the beginner level.

Pay close attention to the music, shows and events you listen to. This helps in using the words you picked up. Humming along helps with the pronunciation too.

Try using idioms and phrases in your everyday conversations. this subtly shows the amount of right usage you are aware of.


Knowing a lot of words is important but to be able to pronounce them right is more needed. Cause what is the whole point if you know the words but can’t pronounce it right?

There are YouTube tutorial videos that show you how to pronounce even the basic of words just to help you understand and use them better.

It is very important to get your pronunciation right especially at your work place and also boosts your confidence.


As uncommon and uncool as it may sound, listening to poetry is a great way to learn the pronunciation of words.

Actively engage in conversations and if not, then listen very diligently and observe the way they use the words, the stress, the rhythm and the pronunciation to be specific.

This would not only improve your listening skills but also help you learn use different words to describe the same things.


There is no shortcut to success. We all have heard of the term ‘practice makes a man perfect.’

So, as good as listening and observing seems, it is pointless unless you put it to practice in day-to-day conversations. start small but permute and combine the new words you pick up. This helps in getting a grip over the language.


Confidence is the key to success.

Having a proper posture and confidence on your face gets the right words out of your mouth. It also creates a good impression and makes your words carry some weight at your work place.

Always tell yourself that these are baby steps and that with practice and patience you will eventually have a grip on the language.


Observe and repeat!

Yes, whenever you find the usage of some new words or phrases, try to repeat them in the conversation right after them when it is your turn to speak. This implies that you have been a keen listener and taking notes. And that you have something more to add in the discussion with the speaker.

Bonus: you get to practice the usage right there!


Any and every new usage you learn about should be practiced in front of the mirror.

Assign an hour each every day for this activity. This helps boost your confidence and also gives you a push before you get to use the newly learnt words in public.

You could also record it and analyze where the regions for improvement exist.


Attending/ participating in events where there are speakers from various regions gives you exposure to learning new words, phrases and usages.

Practice observing and taking notes from the said speakers and follow the same steps as above.


Download language learning/ pronunciation/ dictionary applications on your cellular device so you can make use of them on the go!

All the above-mentioned pointers when practiced diligently start showing results and boom, you are a step closer to achieving mastery in English.

Take a look at some useful tips to improve your speaking. Make sure to read each tip carefully in order to enhance your listening skills! Remember that practice makes perfect! You have to practice every single day if you want to improve your speaking skills!

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Happy learning!


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