5 Useful Steps To Boost Your Vocabulary

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What are some steps to boost your vocabulary?

There are a million human emotions and even a million more ways to express them, for the person in front of you. But often, we run out of words and usages to express the actions.

Do you ever listen to someone speak and wish to come up with words like they do though they have been saying the simplest things? That is because of the choice of words. Knowing your grammar, usages and having confidence is all fine, what really matters is having a good vocabulary and knowing when to use it. It creates an impact on the audience with the choice of words and how you choose to say things.

Don’t worry, here are a few tips on how you could boost your vocabulary:

Make dictionary your best friend!

Yes, make it a habit of learning at least a new word every day. This is the simplest thing you could do. And whenever you come across a new word, search for the meaning and its possible usages.


It sounds all so work and no fun, but this is one of the very important steps in the process of improving your vocabulary.

Pick up a simple novel of your favourite genre or maybe even a newspaper. You’d be surprised by the number of new words that get added to your list.

In case you are not an avid reader, get yourself a book with illustrations. This will help you understand the story better.

And as time goes, diversify your categories and genres so that you get an idea of words and usages in various scenarios as well.


It isn’t just the writers who need to keep scribbling in their journals. You could just take a random book and start writing about your day-to-day activities.

Try to use inculcate the new words you keep learning; this not only improves your English writing skills but also help you present your statements in different possible ways.


Be it Indie Music, TED talks or poetry events, listening is always a great teacher.

You’d get to observe a lot of new phrases, accent, vocabulary and the choice of words when you listen to somebody else speak.

So, practice the art of listening. This improves your speaking skills and public speaking skills since you’d grasp on the sentences your partners would have spoken and sway the audience in the way you’d want to take them into.

Watch people how they use their words and pick them up if you do learn something new and better.


Though it might sound impossible, engage in conversations with your fellow fluent English-speaking friends and ask them to point out where you could improve.

Putting the words, you picked up to practice is the only way to decide if you have finally learnt to swim in the waters or not. Feedback from friends boosts confidence in you before you could perform on a stage or speak in formal occasions.

Join clubs where they practice speaking in English if needed. This would help you prepare better.

Practice all of the above-mentioned tips religiously and within no time you’d find yourself with a vast amount of knowledge in conveying your emotions right. *wink.

I hope this article has given you some idea about where you have to start in order to boost your vocabulary. Don’t forget to follow all the steps that we discussed on this article to boost your vocabulary and to memorize new words that you learned!

Boost Your Vocabulary

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Happy learning!


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