13 Effective Ways To Say Hello

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What are some common ways to say hello in English?

Hey, greetings of the day! So, today we are here to quickly look at the different ways to say hello to each other in everyday conversations.

Hi, namaste, hiya, heya, hola are some of the conversation starters we all are aware of and use. Also, sometimes to grab the attention of a person. These are the conversation starters.

The very first thing we say on call when we answer the phone is ‘hello.’ Cause it is the most formal thing to say and is understood to be a pleasantry. But what we don’t usually know are the alternatives to this simple word.

Without further do, let us know how many types of pleasantries we could classify the greetings into.

In English, there are always two broad categories:

–       Formal

–       Informal


Hie hey and hi are usually used in conversations amongst youngsters. Also, at times to drag the attention of somebody at a distance, you could use ‘hey.’

Hi seems appropriate for most of the casual meet ups. But, note that ‘hey’ seems to be used well when you greet a person you have already met before. And ‘hello’ holds a strong base for phonetic talks.

As add ons to any of the above terms, there are ways to ask how the person is doing. Keep in mind these are for informal conversations.

–       How’s everything?

–       How’s life?

–       How is the day treating you?

–       Long time no see man

–       So good to see you, buddy

–       How have you been?

Note – Add your own slangs to how you pronounce the terms and sentences like, cutting the sentences short.

Example – How are you doing? Can be said

How you doing?


One of the most important things one needs to know about in speaking in a formal situation is to read the room. It would be polite to greet everyone formally until one of them starts addressing you casually.

That would not only help you be decent in the room but also help you begin to know the people if they would go on a first name basis with you.

–       Good afternoon, good evening ladies and gentlemen

These kinds of greetings depend on the time of the day. You could just omit the ‘good’ but that could be perceived as an informal tone.

–       Honour/pleased to meet you

Use this as a follow up statement when you meet somebody for the first time.

–       One of the oldest forms of greetings includes, “how do you do?”

This is not very common these days since it is very formal but can be used when you are conversing with someone way elder to you.

There is another whole bunch of terms and phrases you could use while greetings your friends and closed ones.

–       What’s up buddy?

–       Yoo!

–       All good in the hood bud?

–       Howdy!

Thus our really short and sweet article with tips of different ways to say ‘hello’ in English language comes to an end here. I hope you have made note of enough terms and understood the ways in which you could start your conversations.

Take a look at some different ways to say HELLO in English. Make sure to read each expression and try to use it in sentences so that you can remember them and use them in your everyday conversation.

ways to say hello

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