6 Helpful Tips To Improve Your Reading

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What are some helpful tips to improve your reading?

Reading isn’t just as simple as it sounds. To be able to understand and comprehend the statements and voices of the writers in real-time speed and language is the real effort and indicates the knowledge.

So, the very first step towards understanding a language is in improving your reading skills.

If you are not a native English speaker, you would often find difficulty in understanding the simplest of symbols and instructions given in public notice boards including law and order.

Speaking and writing in English is fine. But one needs to able to read fast and understand the statement in order to be able to achieve command over it.

Let’s get started with a few tips on how to improve your reading skills:

·      Allot a time specifically for writing.

·      The choice of books is very important

·      Analyse and speak the terms

·      Practice the pronunciation and fluency

·      Remember, speed isn’t important

·      Read over and over again

Time allotting

Reading is a fun activity to do. Especially, when you are trying to improve your language. The keywords, however, are dedication and concentration.

This implies you need to keep at least 30 minutes a day for reading.

Remember, practice maketh a man perfect.

–       Find a good and preferably quiet place to sit and read.

–       Take all the necessary things for the process such as a dictionary and a water bottle so you don’t need to get disturbed.

–       Put all your devices away.

–       Try and stick to the time you decide on how long you will read. Consistency is very important.

–       All the above steps seem trivial but are very necessary because they train your brain to adjust and form a habit.

The choice of book

It is very important to keep in mind what kind of content you would be interested to read. If you aren’t into a specific genre, you’d not concentrate on knowing what the story is. Thus, you wouldn’t read it with any concentration or interest.

Also, choose a book that matches your reading level. For example, if you are the beginner level, don’t go for a book that is known to have a higher level of English. Also, as and when your reading speed increases, go for better and more complicated books.

This would help you better your English.

Pro tip- go for hard copy of books. Those from the library, the ones that put you in the show off phase of you doing something bawse and cool. *wink.

Pronunciation and practice

When you read (either out loud or maybe just to yourself), you have a certain pronunciation of terms in your head. Practicing them is an easier way to improve your speaking skills.

Re read the words until you get a hang of them and try using them in your conversations.

If you are nervous, practice in front of a mirror and observe how it goes.

Keep a dictionary handy or a google translator.

When you read something for the first time, you may come across new terms, those whose definition you wouldn’t previously be aware of.

Keeping a dictionary handy helps you gather synonyms and understand faster and better.

And for the words you won’t be able to pronounce properly, you could always google the pronunciation so that you get a grip on the words.

This way, not only your reading skills improve but also, your vocabulary does.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Yes, as the story of the rabbit and tortoise goes, it is not very important to work on your speed right away! Go at a steady pace. That is the way to go about it. Once you get a hang of reading fluently, you  could work on your speed as and how you want to go get it.

Practice makes perfect!

Re read the tough ones over and over again. The only way to success is by being thorough and through the content.

All the above given tips are very important to improve your reading skills.

I hope this article has given you some ideas about some helpful tips that you can use to improve your reading skills. Don’t forget to follow all the steps that we discussed in this article to take your reading skills to the next level!

improve your reading

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Happy learning!

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