6 Great Steps To Learn English From Songs

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What are some powerful steps to learn English from songs?

Put your hands up in the air if you find English songs cool. I am pretty sure all of us listen to them almost half of the time. For someone who isn’t very fluent in English or for the ones who aren’t native English speakers, it becomes a tad bit difficult to follow the lyrics and they end up just humming the tune and enjoying the melody.

You could, however, make use of this to improve your understanding and speaking skills. How? You wonder?

Here are a few tips that will help you learn English from songs and even make the best use of songs too! *wink

Yes, I know people say learning needs to be a meditation. You need to sit down and focus. However, studies have showed that when learning is made fun, it is easier for the person to grasp onto things.

There is ‘Mozart learning’ that says listening to classical music helps one concentrate and learn better.

Before we begin, find an easy access to English songs. Preferably offline music, staying online might distract and lure you into click baits! There are platforms such as Wynk, Gaana, Spotify, Amazon prime music and Youtube premium where you can discover new songs and also get access to their lyrics.

So what are you waiting for?

Find the correct songs.

What the above point means is that choose songs that have repetitive words and written by good English song writers.

Usually, these are made for specifically English-speaking audience. This adds a plus, since there would be a lot of useful vocabulary and would include idioms and phrases one uses in day-to-day life.

Get familiar with the tune.

It is very important to familiarise yourself with the tune of the song so that you can catch on the beat and how the words are pronounced during the playtime.

This will help you focus on the lyrics.

Get access to lyrics.

Once you are well done with the music, it is time for you to know what exactly is the message conveyed through the song.

Knowing the lyrics also makes the song get stuck in your head. This happens because songs have an emotional connect to them and it affects us in ways that aren’t quite known to us.

Memorise the lyrics and sing along.

Have a dictionary handy!

Again, make the English dictionary your best friend. It would be amazing if you already have a good vocabulary but, for the terms you don’t know, use the dictionary.


Revise the song as if it were a chapter from your academics. Don’t force yourself to stay stuck on the same song until you get it all. It is fine if you are humming multiple songs.

Just make sure there is a time-to-time repetition on the songs.

Go for the songs that have more words and content.

This step, you need to follow once you are comfortable with the easier and more popular songs.

Improvise and start learning more songs. This not only increases your vocabulary but also brings you to become a good critic of songs.

You are all set buddy. Good luck with the songs and hope you ‘shake it off’. You’ll get the reference. *wink.

I hope this article has given you some great steps to learn English from songs! Make sure to read the steps again and start using them to make the English learning journey more fun!

Take a look at some songs that will help you learn English from songs and improve your grammar as well as vocabulary. These are some famous songs with good lyrics that will make English learning fun and enjoyable!

english from songs

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Happy learning!

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