QUIZ 2: Modal Verbs in English (part 1)

We’re going to talk about modal verbs in this quiz. Try this quiz to test your understanding of modal verbs and share your score in the comments down below! You can try other quizzes here. Follow Sheila on Instagram for more English content!

Top 5 Cool Ways To Say Goodbye

Not all goodbyes have to end this way, right? I mean there are several places in our daily lives where we need to say bye and take leave for a brief moment of time and also times where we need to end official conversations. You don’t need to sound like a Bore when you have to end talks.

6 Great Steps To Learn English From Songs

english from songs

Put your hands up in the air if you find English songs cool. I am pretty sure all of us listen to them almost half of the time. For someone who isn’t very fluent in English or for the ones who aren’t native English speakers, it becomes a tad bit difficult to follow the lyrics and they end up just humming the tune and enjoying the melody.